EverPowerl Brand Original Factory 2M 3M 5M 8M 14M 20M S2M S3M S5M S8M HTD STD Timing Pulley Synchronous Belt Idler Tensioner Pulley



EverPowerl is the leading brand for original factory timing pulleys and synchronous belts, available in various sizes including 2M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 20M, S2M, S3M, S5M, and S8M. These products are ideal for a wide range of industries such as manufacturing plants, energy and mining, automotive industry, industrial machinery, robotics, textile industry, medical equipment, farming and agriculture machinery, and the aerospace industry.

HTD Pulley

Product Features

The EverPowerl timing pulleys are made from robust materials including stainless steel, alloy, and aluminum. They undergo various surface treatments such as polishing, sand blasting, plating chrome or nickel, coating, and oxidation to enhance their strength and durability. The warranty period of these products is one year.

Product Classification and Technical Specifications

The timing pulleys come with different tooth profiles including trapezoidal, T-toothed, arc toothed, S-toothed, parabolic-toothed, and Y-toothed. Each tooth profile is designed to fulfill different application requirements. The number of teeth on a timing belt pulley typically ranges from around 10 to 200 or more. We can customize to your desired number of teeth, gear ratios, speed, torque requirements and pitch.

Application and Maintenance

The EverPowerl timing pulleys are used in a variety of machines including timing belts, printer machines, CNC machinery, and more. Regular maintenance of these pulleys is essential to ensure their long-term performance.

About EverPowerl

EverPowerl is a professional manufacturer of timing belts and timing pulleys with nearly 10 years of experience. We provide high-quality products at competitive prices and offer excellent customer service. Apart from timing pulleys, we also offer a range of pulleys and agricultural machinery parts such as PTO shafts, agricultural PTO gearboxes, and agricultural pulleys.

We encourage you to explore our products and make a purchase. With our high-quality products and exceptional service, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Brand Name EverPowerl
Colors Silver,Black,Customized color
Type 3M,5M,8M,14M,20M,S2M,S3M,S5M,S8M,S14M,RPP5M,RPP8M,MXL,XL,L,H,XH,XXH,T2.5,T5,T10,T20,AT5,AT10,AT20


1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are an enterprise specializing in the production and development of timing belts and timing pulleys for nearly 10 years. We provide professional custom service according to customers’ requirements.

2. Do you provide samples?

Yes, we could provide the sample. Products developing fee can be charged. Sample fee can be refunded after products purchased.

3. What are your terms of payment?

We accept a 30% T/T advance payment, with the 70% balance due before shipment. Other terms are negotiable.